Billboard Income Property

The Carl Cunningham Team at My Home Group is pleased to announce the commercial listing at 5260 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85008.  This is a double billboard income producing property.  The billboard lease is on year four of a 20-year lease.  There are two billboards.  One side is digital, one side is static.  The current lease is $3,333/month.  Once the static board goes digital the lease will increase to $6,666/month.


The subject is a 70,000 sq. ft. +/- vacant lot with split zoning (C3 and R4).  The property sits on the southeast corner of Van Buren, 52nd Street, and the 202 getting 155,000 daily traffic count.  There are over 1,000 condos of instant customers within close proximity to the subject.  Coffee shops, donut shops, gas stations, and restaurants are minimum 1.5 miles away.  A recently sold vacant property across the street justifies the asking price.  Listed at $1,528,000 ($21.80/sq. ft.) this property will not last.  If you are interested please contact me at 602-647-4900 or

The Decision To Buy in Today’s Market.

The Decision To Buy in Today’s Market.

Today’s market provides a potentially great opportunity to buy a home. Homeownership can provide many financial, lifestyle and social benefits. In today’s market, buyers also benefit from low mortgage rates, home ownership tax advantages and home prices that are still relatively low in many markets, yet showing signs of stability. Continue Reading

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